Metal Tones Mixed Tin of 4 Guitar Picks

Metal Tones Mixed Tin of 4 Guitar Picks
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Brass, Bronze, Copper & Titanium.
We recommend Metal Tones for Electric Guitar.
Titanium is extremely hard and extremely light weighing in at just 4560 Kg / Cubic meter (roughly half of that of our other metals) This mixture of hardness and lightness means you get a very fast moving, bright sounding guitar pick that will last for years. Ideally suited for thrash or very fast picking on electric guitar.
Copper is a soft metal and you can hear the impact when playing as it has slightly warmer tones than the other metals that we use. Its relatively heavy weight and soft warm tones make it more suitable for slow picking on Arch Top Guitars.
Brass is a fantastic material to make Guitar picks from. It has a very bright Bell like tone and a high resistance to abrasion due to its low friction characteristics meaning that it has reduced impact sound against the strings.
Bronze is one of the most commonly used metal for musical instruments. It is often used for the outer windings of Guitar strings and most professional quality Cymbals are also made from Bronze. It is a mid hardness and mid weight metal and has a crisp powerful lower register and clear, bell-like treble register.
Metal Tones are designed around our classic 351 shape. They are CNC milled from solid Billet and polished to precise tolerances. 
This tin contains 1 of each of the Metal Tones Guitar Picks.
Although we have tried to ensure that our photos represent the Guitar Pick that you will receive, there is a high level of variety in our picks due to the nature of many of our natural materials.

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