Timber Tones have been manufacturing luxury Guitar Picks or Plectrums since 2009. In that short time we have grown our product range to a point where we now have the largest selection of natural material Guitar Picks anywhere on the planet. Timber Tones utilise the tonal characteristics of natural materials to help you, the guitarist, fine tune the tone of your guitar. All of our materials are eco sourced, off cuts or bi-products from another industry. For example our Leather Guitar Picks for Ukulele are made from off cut materials used to make Guitar Straps. We check the eco status of all of our materials once a year with CITES to ensure that we are as eco friendly as possible. Timber Tones are the only luxury Guitar Pick manufacturer to be sold in over 5000 music shops, Guitar shops and e-commerce sites worldwide. We utilise our extensive experience in manufacturing processes to ensure the very best quality at the best price. Timber Tones exhibit every year at major music shows such as the Frankfurt MusikMesse and the NAMM show in Los Angeles where we meet thousands of our customers, get great customer feedback and also meet new retailers and Distribution companies. Some of the worlds very best Guitarists are our regular customers.
Rob: Managing Director
Rob is a qualified Design Engineer and Manufacturing Engineer who had a successful career in various manufacturing Industries before starting Timber Tones in 2009. He has been playing Guitar for over 12 years and has a self confessed addiction to collecting vintage Gibson Guitars. Rob's enthusiasm for Guitars along with his extensive Industrial experience make him ideally suited to design some of the worlds very best Guitar Picks
Rob Kerr: International Sales Manager
Rob has worked in the music industry most of his life, representing brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Peavey, Wharfedale and Proel. He is a highly qualified and experienced sales man with an amazing track record as well as being a Professional Pianist. We are very happy and lucky to be able to welcome Rob to our small team. Rob's role primarily focuses on finding and managing new Distribution and Retail Partners.
Giorgia: Operations Manager
Giorgia is the back bone of Timber Tones. She oversees our team of production operatives and ensures that all of our orders leave on time and that the quality is perfect 100% of the Time. Her role gets her involved in supplier evaluation, manufacturing, quality control, shipment tracking and customer Liaison. Giorgia is from Italy and is currently working on our Italian Web site and Social Media.
Guitarists already appreciate that every element in the 'Tone Chain' has an impact upon the resulting sound, that's why they purchase good quality Amps, Cables & Strings. It can't come as any surprise then to learn that the accessory that you use to physically interact with your Guitar also has a large influence.

The only reason that plastic has traditionally been used to manufacture Plectrums is that it is easy to injection mould into any shape at a minute cost and gain good repeatability. These picks are then sold on at enormous profit margins through the supply chain. However plastic is not only ecologically unfriendly but is also not the best material to gain the best sound form your guitar.

At Timber Tones we only use natural high quality materials, we design and prototype them in our workshop in Brighton, England. They are tested on all types of Guitars for feel, wear and tone and then we create a 3D AutoCAD drawing once we are happy. We use the very latest manufacturing technology such as CNC Mills to ensure you get the very best quality product.